Saturday, October 17, 2020

 It's been a while and no one cares.  Thank you.


That is the epitaph graven on the tombstone of this year 2020.

Since March most people have been holed up in their homes, but I am in an "essential profession" and had some slow days but mostly been driving around to customers fixing their printers and copiers.  So I didn't work from home so much.

I never caught the virus, at least not at the time of this writing.  Btw, I am currently a little affected by the Kentucky Mules I've been imbibing while listening to alt 80's/industrial hits.  DJ Slave1 on Twitch is the bomb!  Shoutout!

This year is the presage of apocalypse.

My eyes double-visioned due to high blood pressure then the shutdown hit in March followed by a root canal that was postponed until the end of the virus what end of the virus slow work from home maybe as hours are cut wages are cut benefits are cut my car broken into on Easter Sunday.  In the unbearable heat with masks on I work and drive and work and drive until a lightning storm and a microburst lights the dry woods aflame and California is on fire.  Smoke and shadows and dust and ash.  All life is under a blood-red sun and sky grey and lifeless.  Finally, a month later the blue can be seen behind the grey and the heat returns and the new normal keeps on keeping on.  Now in October the traffic returns to normal and the next wave of Covid sweeps across the country.  I get a flu shot (my first) by accident and gain weight and make no real progress on my blood pressure.  And thus we come full circle.

I wonder how Thanksgiving and Christmas will play out.

I wonder how this election will play out.

I fear the worst.


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