Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kentucky Bues - Day Three

I woke up in a daze. I ate some oat cereal then went with Dad to Meijer's and bought some food. Particularly some Moscato, margarita mix, and some yellow and zucchini squash. Now Dad swore to me that I would like squash (I can't stand the taste of it) if he grilled it. I never had it grilled, so I am open to the idea. After a few hours, we went with my sister Trisha and her family to Kart Kountry in Shepherdsville. It was freakin' hot! And it rained just a few minutes before we got there. Kentucky weather. Humid and hot. We took a lap around the 1.5 mile track with go-carts (avoid Black 21 - it's a gutless wonder. Guess which one I got?) and I came in last place. Then Dad and I played a game of miniature golf and he beat me despite my hole in one on the 10th hole by 8 strokes. The heat was nigh unbearable and we went to Taco Bell for a Fruitista. We then went home. We messed around for a while, then Emily came over and coughed all over us. We told her she had chronic bronchitis and should see a doctor, but she just took some Mucinex and waited to see what would happen. Turned out she got better after a day elapsed. Oh, I forgot to mention, Dad and I went to the Dixie Bowl and bowled three games. He taught me how to spin the ball and to perfect my game. Very valuable information. At 9:30pm we took off for Ernesto's for some margaritas. They were closed. So we wandered from Mexican restaurant to Mexican restaurant until we came to Teumbleweed. On no! We went in twenty minutes to closing. Another family of five were waiting ahead of us. We waited for another twenty minutes until we were seated then another twenty minutes until the manager asked if we were waited on. We said no. We didn't get out of there until 11:00pm. We were the last ones out. Btw, their margaritas are 99 cents for a reason. No drinky. Time for bed. See ya tomorrow.


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