Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kentucky Blues - Day Two

Are they trying to kill me?? Go to Fisches Big Boy and EAT! I have some bacon, scrambled eggs, potato hot dogs (hash brown logs), and doughy biscuits. Dad goes for thirds and a plate of dessert. I made a deal with my tummy that if I went for seconds I would not eat for the remainder of the day. Deal. I exited the place the FATTEST MAN ALIVE! So I nursed my overfull tummy until 1:00pm when we were to go to the GE facility that my sister Lisa works at for an Open House. My neck was killing me due to the bad way I slept on the flight over here, so Pat produced a Homedics Therapist Select Wave Action Massager which was the size and weight of Thor's Hammer. However, after using it on my neck, I was almost completely relieved. The topic soon wandered to outdoor grilling (an artform in Kentucky) and in particular a form of grilling chicken called affectionately, "Beer Can Chicken". Perhaps you have heard of this perverted form of cooking chicken, I have not. Apparently, you stick a half-full beer can up a chicken's ass and grill it. Then after a while, you use tongs or cloth to extract said beer can from the chicken's cavity. People swear by this form of grilling and say that it is the moistest and tastiest chicken ever sampled. I for one will not eat chicken with a Budweiser up its ass. Sorry. We went with Lisa's family to GE and visited the production facility for the new line of refrigerators and water heaters. It was quite warm, perhaps in the low 90's. I grabbed a free water from a washtub and visited the Bubble Truck where children were forming soap bubbles with various and sundry instruments ranging from huge rubber slingshots to multi-holed paddles. We went to building 3 and noticed that all bathrooms are hazardous weather bunkers. I saw people going in there and wondered if a tornado was imminent. But Lisa pointed out to me the small, innocuous, blue sign that said "Men" and it all became quite clear. Inside, I saw plastic mold robots and injection machines. Everything that showed how they build appliances at GE. Above were big ass fans moving the stagnant air about. I mean it: Big Ass Fans. Check it out at We got home about 5:00pm. Ate around 6:30pm and I became fat...again. Ate some scrumptious banana pudding that Pat had made. Had a few glasses of Moscato and finished the bottle then went to Blackberry Wine from Huber's Winery. At 9:00pm Matt and Emily showed up and we played games and drank Margaritas and wine coolers. Then everyone went to bed and here I be. See y'all tomorrow.


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