Sunday, May 18, 2014

Your Own Private 9/11

I have noticed a trend in modern blockbusters that I find rather disturbing. I just got back from watching the movie Godzilla and realized that quite a few movies these days show tons of multi-skyscraper destruction. Examples: Godzilla, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Star Trek, etc. It could be that those are the only movies I tend to watch. (It is interesting that the majority of these scenes take place in San Francisco (Star Trek 1 and 2, Pacific Rim, Godzilla)). But I couldn't help wondering why the sudden interest in building removal. Answer? Because they can. Technology has advanced to the point that such feats of titanic destruction seem plausible and real. But that doesn't really answer the question. Perhaps we are inured to it, post 9/11? Or is it that 9/11 gave the analog data needed to simulate realistically the act of a falling skyscraper? Is it no surprise that Star Trek: Into Darkness had an afterword dedicating the film to the victims of 9/11. What disturbs me is most is this: What filmmaker believes that we want to relive that moment over and over again by creating images that is immediately going to invoke such memories? Or maybe I am more affected by 9/11 than I care to admit. When United 93 came out in 2005, people found it difficult to see it. "Too Soon" they said. It just seems to me that it is still 'Too Soon'. I am already getting inured to mass destruction, and I take it our American audience is as well. Already Hollywood is trying to find a way to raise the bar. What's next?


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