Friday, June 15, 2012

Kentucky Blues - Day Six

I woke up in a semi-refreshed state. I wandered around, ate some oatmeal with sugar and bananas. Dad asked me who makes the best oatmeal in the family, and I answered "You do, Dad!" which pleased him immensely. Sadie and Kayden woke up and we played around for a while. Kayden and I and Poppy went with us to Aldi's and shopped for milk and stuff. Then we went home to drop Kayden off and Dad and I went to Dixie Bowl and tried to perfect my approach. Dad was giving me pointers on what do and not to do in order to spin my ball. We played three games and during the last game I did pretty good, even by Dad's standards. Mind you, during all this, Pat is watching little Benjamin. Then we came back to eat lunch. Lisa came by to pick up Benjamin and we talked a bit about things to do in Louisville. She commented on a painting exercise that roves about Louisville (or perhaps the eastern half of the country) and for a nominal fee and a glass of wine, an instructor teaches you how and what to paint. I thought that was a cool idea, but the schedule didn't mesh. We looked at the planetaria in the area and their schedules didn't match either. So, we planned for Friday to go to the Science Center in Louisville and eat sushi at Osuchi's or Wild Ginger. At least, that's the plan. As is common for this family, plans change on a moment's notice. A fact I am trying very hard to get used to. I stayed up late with the kids and watched some programs on TV with them. Then Kayden and I looked up Bane and Green Lantern and Batman on the internet and talked about their adventures for awhile. We then went to bed. It was kick-back day - which was nice for a change. See y'all tomorrow.


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