Monday, April 10, 2006


Two posts on the same day? Darth_Tanyan, you madman!
Keep your bloggin' hat on Dear Reader, I merely wanted to tell you about my THREE DAY LANPARTY at my friend Dean's place.
From Friday to Sunday, SuNdAY, SUNDAY!!!
I brought my computer down and Dean and his son, Wyatt, already had theirs (of course) and we hooked up and, well, generally we just killed each other multiple times over a three day stint.
This is how LanParty geeks show the love...
This is how such love manifests itself:

Step One: Bragging and Bravado -- Each Lanner (btw, for those not in the know, LAN is an acronym for Local Area Network which is where our myriad of video games take place) talks incessantly and sometimes untruly about the accomplishments and abilities of their personal computers. Of course, these days, Dean and Wyatt win those contests as their computers are CLEARLY head and shoulders above my piddly outdated dinosaur that STILL plays Battlefield 2 without a hitch (albeit in a lower resolution, so shut up).

Step Two: Willie comes over -- This was an added step and unique to this three day contest. My friend Willie came over to Dean's to get some internet instructions from Dean's wife about how to navigate the CA state's website. This fucked up most of our day. But the evening was saved from complete ruin when Willie decided to play a few rounds of Battlefield: Vietnam with us. We were playing Co-op but Wilhelm (Willie) felt compelled to play against us on the AI side as VC. He won once, but the other games were close, though the USA still won overall.

The next day the contest really started. We played some Battlefield: Vietnam, then got some lunch. Next, we played Raven Shield (we would have played Athena Sword, but not everyone (Wyatt) had the disks). We played some Battlefront 2 for a while, but again, only two of us could play so that didn't last long. Then, about 8:00 pm, we broke out Dungeon Siege 2 and we had a blast from dusk till dawn. We stopped playing at 3:30am Sunday. We went from 11th level (Wyatt was 7th) to 14th level. If Wy-guy (Wyatt) would stop dancing around in front of the party and chasing encounters in, we'd be better off. But in the end it worked out fine. A good time was had by all. Unlike most Lanners, we enjoy very few head-to-head matches. We enjoy co-op games where we're up against the AI, which in most cases are quite formidable.
Sunday morning I had a couple raspberry Pop-Tarts and watched a couple episodes of Season One of Robot Chicken. Then we got to playing again. This time we experimented with various games like Flight Sim 2004, Battlefield 2, The Movies, The Sims 2: Nightlife, and Google Earth. We then played more Raven Shield. I love it when we go in with silenced weapons and Wyatt comes blazing in like Wyatt Earp (hence his name, I guess) with a L85A1 assault rifle with no muzzle brake. Hip hip! Eventually, we got to RTS's. We tried to get Empire Earth 2 to run, but no dice. Everyone needed a disk. So we played Dawn of War: Winter Assault instead. We played one game with Annihilate and Control Area with Shared Resources; three PC versus three non-teamed computers on Hard level on the map called Fury Island.

Dramatis Personae:
Dean: Blood Ravens (Space Marines)
Darth_Tanyan (Brian): Goldar Legion (Chaos Space Marines)
Wyatt: Vendoland 101st (Imperial Guard)
Comp 1: Eldar
Comp 2: Imperial Guard
Comp 3: Orks
I had Dean to my left and Wyatt to my right so I was safest starting out. Dean was fighting off Eldar from the get-go while Wyatt was fending off the IG. Because of that fact, he didn't grab enough Strategic Points and our requisition was slow and ponderous. I had to send all 10 of my Heretic squads on Wyatt's porch to grab requistion and help defend.
I tried grabbing the central Critical Location (just to see how long I could hold it) and it lasted for about a third of the game before the IG came in and killed me off after a prolonged and heated battle. I started building Khorne Berserkers en masse seasoned with the occasional Defiler. Then Dean complained about no one building power generators. So, I built another and maximized the tech on them (I had a total of three running as Chaos doesn't really need a lot of power until the third tier). I then went on the offensive and moved them north to help secure the center. After that, I aided Wyatt against the IG then moved to take out the Eldar pounding on Dean. With our combined strength, we simultaneously converged on the Eldar home base and pounded it to oblivion. Then the Eldar Avatar showed up and we found an outpost further south near Wyatt's base. We moved there and all three of us blasted it to kingdom come.
The End.
It was quite a game and we all talked about it for some time afterward (as all good games tend to do) and then it was hitting 10:00pm and Dean had to work the next day so....

Step Four: Cleanup
I got my gear, threw it back in the car, and made the two hour journey home. I made it home by midnight.
Damn. Lanning sure is fun, but that weekend goes by like it's a single day. I still wouldn't pass on it for the world. Gotta do it again, sometime.


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