Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Synopsis Encapsulitis - Day 93

Well, I may have a job here soon. I won't go into details until next week when I know for sure. But it's in the same field: Computer repair/technician so I can't complain. The pay is a little less than before, but again, I can't complain. So I won't...
Got Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War the other day. Cool game. I always was into the tabletop game years ago and now that I can play it online, it just rocks. My friends and I get together about once a week and crank out a few bruising epic battles. I just got the expansion: Winter Assault yesterday and it's quite interesting. The Imperial Guard are quite a cool army but against Orks I discovered they were kinda weak. Maybe I need to adjust my gameplay against those greenskins.
My depression has been disappearing lately. I thought at first that it was because of the Super Bowl XL party I went to this past weekend, but, no, it was even before then. Maybe it was the nice warm weather we've had lately in California. I think that may be it. I guess next year, since this year's Super Bowl was XL, it'll be XXL? What will we do when Super Bowl 59 comes around? :-)
How about those Steelers?
Frankly... who cares?
I found the commercials this year to be lackluster. The Fed-Ex commercial and the Bud Light ones were the only ones I can recall actually. The rest were utter crapola. How about them Stones?? Frankly, who cares? So what if the censors cut off their mike for 'You make a dead man cum.' and 'COCK!' I'm glad Senor Jagger didn't change or skip the lyrics for those songs... or even change the venue. But I keep forgetting that I live in the Republican Theocratic Holdfast of America. You know, as opposed to the Islamic Theocratic Madrassah of Islamistan. Two sides of the same coin, eh?
Anyway, just wanted to keep in touch. Later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh the bloggers life...but you never know who might be
I agree w/the boring Superbowl comment (would've have been better had the Chargers made it). And don't forget that Theocracy is only a tool to further corporate economic agendas. "Opiate of the masses.", someone once If the majority of Americans were Wiccans, George Bush would be dancing around the desert naked, slapping his ass with a juniper bush to push his economic packages. FILTHY WHORES!

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I care about the Steelers.

9:08 PM  

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