Monday, April 10, 2006

Episode CXXII: A Newer Hope

Waddaya know? I got another interview! It's slated for the end of this week, but this one looks promising. I get to work on HP and Lexmark printers for hospitals throughout the greater Modesto area. I have to use my own vehicle (no corp van this time around) but Hey! I'm not complainin'.
Therefore, my mood has improved somewhat. So that's something.

On another topic: What do I have to do to get someone to play ONE boardgame with me? Enslave whole populations? Bribery? Blackmail? Bait and switch tactics? I have this small enclave of boardgames just sitting there in my closet (or sometimes I act like there is someone out there that might mention boardgames in passing, so I stuff my trunk with them on weekends). I guess no one cares. Yet, I see and Boards & Bits and notice that there is an extensive network of people out there (intelligent ones, I might add) who are as bonkers about these things as I am. I have put my feelers out there and tried to connect, but most don't live in my area. Despite the fact that in Tracy we have a gaming outlet! Someone is buying these games! Who is it? Tell me now!!
Okay.... I'm cool. Everything's fine now. Alright. (whew!) Glad that episode was over. Now time to work on the sequel: Episode CXXIII: The Settlers of Catan Strike Back!
(And if you don't catch the reference, then you are not a Boardgame Geek - shame on you).


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