Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Long Hiatus Ends... Unemployment Day 66

How can I encapsulate the past couple of months?

My sister had a baby girl, my roommate had a baby girl (no, the roommate is not my girlfriend nor is the child mine), my parents moved after 22 years at the same address, I was sick for one week, Christmas and New Year's, and building a couple computers for my brother and a friend.
Then I got addicted to the game: The Movies.
Still no job.
Might help if I got out and looked for one, eh?
The only reason I came back to add more crap on this blog is because someone who knows who he is remarked that I hadn't updated it in a while. Which means that someone actually reads this stuff!
So, I guess now that I have a reason, I will continue to impress everyone with the wonderful adventures that happen to me on a daily basis.
If I can ever get the movies that I created to .wma or .mov format, I will post them for download here on this site.
See ya soon....


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