Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Unemployment Day 22

No luck on the search, but then I haven't really tried either. I'm currently building a couple computers for some people, and that makes a few bucks, but when I left my previous job, I lost my tools too. So, I'll have to order a new set. Spent the last few days helping my parents move to Yuba City only to discover that there is a hole in the roof and they have to get it fixed first before anyone can move in. Great. In the meantime I had to sleep on a couch under a cold, drafty window. I now have a cold. Yay.
I have already tried looking for work on the internet and the local school districts, but no luck. Next, I'll drop by the local banks and see if they need any computer repair-persons (God, I hate being PC). Other than that my milk went out of date. I usually drink it a few days after the spoil date, but after my absence at my parents' place it went more than a few days. I hate throwing away half a gallon of milk. I can never seem to drink or use it faster than time will allow. What a waste of money and milk.
My landlady just hooked me up with DirecTV. I love it! I surf more channels now than ever, plus the XM satellite radio stations are cool. In fact, I'm listening to the 70's station while I am typing this. Anyway, I'll keep you all posted as to my ongoing boring life. Viszlat!


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