Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Unemployment Day 8

Looks like I got everything under control so far.
Got my Honda fixed. Got my final paychecks, emptied out my 401(k) (of which I only invested one year), and living the life of Riley.
Cleaned my room, got my hair cut, stocked up with enough food for the winter, and now The Search.
I'm not really worried, if worse comes to worst I can always join a staffing agency. It's just that I have never been able to do nothing for about 8 years. It feels good.
I actually caught myself saying "You're very welcome" to strangers. I helped a kid get a shopping cart out of the rack yesterday. I redirected a line in the bank to its proper direction. Things I would not have done two weeks ago.
Take away a man's job and he improves??


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