Monday, October 24, 2005

The End is Near... at least for me

I know no one reads this blog, so I don't have to worry about my boss reading this and instantly firing me.
But even that won't bother me since I have firmly resolved to quit my job sometime this week. I won't mention who I work for, but I will tell you (whoever you are) the sorry events that led me to this equally sorry conclusion:
I have worked as a repair technician for a major drugstore chain for 6 1/2 years. I have come to depend on its company vehicle and the fact that I haven't paid a nickel in gasoline all during that time, not to mention a company Nextel phone. Sounds like a sweet deal doesn't it? Well, it was...then. But now things are different. Corporate has pushed us (the repair techs) and pushed us to the point where we cannot do our jobs effectively. We have at this moment four projects - each time consuming - all due within days of each other along with new stores opening and our standard repair schedule (which is a month overdue). Suffice to say, the pressure and stress are such that it is beyond decency and I can actually envision myself paying for gas and using my old car and being without a cell phone without the stress of unrealistic deadlines and being on call 24/7 /365. I will miss the vacation (btw, I haven't used any of it yet since my supervisor put a moratorium on vacations due to the present project deadlines) and the people I have worked with, but as each day passes I sense more and more that I am reaching the end of things. This Wednesday, the 26th of October, is our bi-annual meeting of the bigwigs. I intend to tender my resignation at the meeting of those august personages. This will be the beginning of a great adventure for me. I am frightened. I have no backup plan. I will more than likely have to move (hopefully not with my parents, but that may happen). I had dreams of going off to Europe with the stash I have saved and living a bohemian lifestyle in the hopes of finding some sort of truth or perhaps experience (I have never been anywhere outside this country and I tire of hearing people tell of their experiences across the oceans). Or perhaps I will stick it out and use up my money on rent and food and gas and find another job that I will learn to hate in time and leave as well. Or I could just go homeless in America! I could pen my poetry to the beat of the street. I dunno. It's a scary proposition any way you look at it. Who knows what I will do...


Blogger The Sanity Inspector said...

The worst day at work is usually better than the best day job-hunting.

But, as George Carlin says, most people work just hard enough to keep from getting fired, for just enough money to keep from quitting.

Hope the questing thing brings you some fulfillment. Have you considered going to some charitable organization and being a full-time volunteer for a while? I did that with Habitat for Humanity when I was a kid, living in a group house and drawing a small stipend, and loved it.

8:19 PM  

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