Thursday, October 06, 2005

You Deserve a Break Today!

Behold the Hand of Bush!
Or is it 'A pencil in the hand is worth a pee-break in the bush'?
In this world of omnipresent media, why not zoom in on the President's bathroom note?
What I am fascinated in is the way Mr. Bush alternates from lower to upper case within a word much less a sentence. I suppose the almost fully capitalized word 'BATHroom' means he REAlly has to go! And is this standard procedure for a statesman, to ASK for a potty-break during a speech from the Prime Minister of Djibouti? That must suck. I can imagine the media dogpiling him for getting up and leaving during a speech from some nameless country's representative.
And what is up with 'I think I may need a bathroom break?' He thinks he may need? Don't you think if you have to start writing it down amid cameras aplenty the decision has already went from 'thought' to 'impending doom'? He should have written: 'I gotta piss!' or 'My bowels are buckling' or 'My farts are increasing in their fecal stench - I fear an evacuation is forthcoming.' or the perennial favorite: 'I think I may have to -- nevermind.'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and Harriet Miers sure seem to have a lot in common.


--A true patriot: Timmy Flagwaulger

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