Thursday, March 27, 2008

Top Ten List

10 Things I have learned since January:

10) My teeth are rotting out of my skull.

9) The best iPod earbuds are the ones with the rubber domes on them (they have to be large size and you have to press them into your ears until it hits the stirrup).

8) I love my job.

7) I hate my commute.

6) I'm getting back into video games and am thinking of buying a new PC desktop.

5) I will no longer build computers for ANYONE. including family. (The liabilities are too great).

4) No wife and no kids make Brian a happy boy.

3) 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons looks promising, but I will not torture my players until 2010.
2) I can't wait to see Heath Ledger's final film: Brokeback Batman.

1) Do NOT. NOT EVER. IF YOU VALUE CASH or CREDIT. GO to Tracy Honda! They will make up shit to fix and skin you alive. I am not making this up, and I am not the only one in Tracy who knows this. CAVEAT EMPTOR.


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