Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Woooo Hoooo! What a New Year Bash!

What a brouhaha!

Surrounded by Magyarok (Hungarians), Brian loses his mind, his clothes and his dinner. In that order....

Hip Hip! There is no better way to inaugurate a new year than to go apeshit! Lemme explain...

Chapter One: Brian is shy and so resorts to alcohol to eliminate his inhibitions: i.e. 5 Cosmopolitans, 2 Kamikazes, assorted German lagers.

Chapter Two: Brian makes matters worse by playing 'Beer-Pong' with some buddies. I lost the game and downed a few brewskis.

Chapter Three: Brian tries to reinforce his superego by engaging in a serious, spiritual conversation with two people whose names he has forgotten.

Chapter Four: Brian completes this ritual by removing his wool coat and plunging into 20 degree water after midnight. Many witnesses beheld this. It took two days for my shoes and the contents of my wallet to dry. My watch has proven - not very water resistant.

Chapter Five: He passes out and awakens at 9 am the next morning only to sleep off and on with a terrible hangover and only after a Great Vomit the like of which has not occured since the King Ralph incident in Sacramento six years ago, does he finally feel good enough to drive home.

Epilogue: Why?


Blogger "crusher" said...

Chapter 7: You discover you have an unnaturally high level of mitochlorians.

10:00 PM  

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