Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day of Disaster (relatively speaking)

Well, today was my first day solo at KM. Here is the list of BS that transpired in chronological order:
1) Got up 1 hour late
2) Commute is vastly different from 6 am to 7am.
3) First rain of the year = dumb California drivers
4) Go immediately to first client, sit around for an hour waiting for people to call me to give me a contact. I finally wise up and fish around for it on my laptop. Bingo!
5) Meet person at site who asks if I am new. I answer yes. Her reply: "You took my job!"
6) Supervisor calls and gives me a service call that is Make or Break for the account.
7) Break my laptop reaching for my phone.
8) Cannot navigate said phone.
9) Get lost en route to second client.
10) Call second client and midway through my voicemail I realize I do not know my own phone number. I hang up.
11) I call back after I figure out my number. Mailbox is full.
12) I show up at second client to repair a copier? NO! Install a fax machine.
13) First contact wants me to install an ADDITIONAL fax. I create two phone lines.
14) Higher ranking contact stops me and tells me it's a replacement fax.
15) I set it up and leave.
16) I get lost again to Call #3. End up at right client but wrong facility (they have several scattered throughout San Jose).
17) Time to install another fax machine, this time with torn out controller board, network board and Ethernet port.
18) No one answers their phones and every building I'm in is shielded.
19) Successfully install fax machine. Correctly connect it to their network.
20) Have lunch at Sizzler. Take power nap.
21) Fetch more parts from second client. Get asked questions I cannot answer.
22) Go back to the branch office where supervisor fixes my laptop and orders parts for me.

The End.

I think tomorrow they're having me ride with someone. That is good.
They said I did a good job out there, but I still have much to learn. We'll see how it goes.
Oh, I forgot #23...

23) Come home and get a letter in the mail from the County of Stanislaus. I didn't get the IT Tech position for the Sherriff's Dept. They were looking for 85% on their Quality Interview and I only scored an 84.8%.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a rough day. Has to get better from here.

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lifes a bitch, then you die....

10:44 AM  

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