Friday, January 18, 2008

Returning Home

Well, it has been a pleasant experience here at Huntington Beach. Hold on...

A woman just came down here in the Woodfin Lobby talking to her scrapbook coterie and she REEEEEEKS of body odor and whatever fucked up perfume she picked up at Big Lots. Holy Jeezus Christ!

I am now struggling with olfactory demons to type out this post. Excuse me.

After a week of NO ROOMMATE (yay!) and decent, complimentary hotel food which has added some poundage to my already hefty frame, I have scored a 100% on the final exam!

The genius next to me (who happened to be my partner in lab) got all pissed off when he got his test back and scored a mere 92%. He fumed about it for quite a while. This guy was totally non-emotional the whole week until this happened. Now, the storm was in.
I learned a lot and I am glad I came. It was part vacation, part work. Can't really complain.
I just hope that my flight home is less eventful as my trip here.

Tomorrow, I get to run my D&D game in Yuba City with the Boyz. And a three-day weekend to boot.

Good Times.


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