Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Story So Far

Let's see, I still have a job in the wings, sent out two dozen resumes, riding an emotional rollercoaster of financial woe and grief. I have one month left of life. Third week of August, I move back to Yuba City.
I have been so busy I have hardly had time to update my blogsite. I am semi-employed with Hobbytown USA, but at $8/hr, it doesn't pay the bills, though it helps. I didn't go to my 25 year High School reunion because I felt it was just bad timing for me. I don't want to show up at a reunion unemployed. It's embarassing and belittling.
The heat in California has been horrendous. My roommates and I decide to go to Lake Camanche about thirty miles east of Lodi. The temperature there was 117 degrees! The lake was in the 90's. More a sauna than a swim. The humungous 40 foot Weekend Warrior trailer that Csaba recently bought had two AC units installed - Thank God! But on the second day, one of them wasn't working very well. Threats of divorce and arguments galore cascaded off the faux wooden walls. I just tried to make the best of it all. I kept hydrated and went swimming with Csaba's sister. I think we had more fun than Csaba and Szoszi did. Anyway, it was fucking hot. End of story.
I have considered going back to work for Rite-Aid. I went to visit some folks at the RA depot this past Monday to investigate the possibility. It may require me to move to Fresno. We will see.
I have jury duty on August 8th. Fuck me. Can this happen at a worse time? I hope I am not selected, and if I am I will have to plead finanicial distress. And I wouldn't be lying.
I am so depressed I can barely smile. But I just keep plugging away at sending resumes and doing interviews in the hope that someone out there will give me a chance.
So that's the story so far. Wish it was better news.


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