Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Change in the Weather...

Yeah, it's been rather hot lately, but that's not the weather I'm referring to.
I am finally employed.
Precision Imaging Solutions gave me a call and told me to start Aug 21st. I get a blackberry and a laptop. I'll be making more money than I made at Rite-Aid and get paid 47 cents a mile since I'm using my own vehicle. All in all, a sweet deal. So, next week I'll be in LA getting trained in Hewlett-Packard laser printers.
And I'll be a human being once more...
Couldn't come at a better time, either. Things are looking mighty tight around here.

Well, some good had to come my way because a few days after my birthday (July 27) my Axis and Allies collection was completely stolen from my car. Over $350 of miniatures disappeared overnight in front of my house. I was seriously miffed for a day, but the next day I felt better about it. After all, it was just a bunch of plastic pieces. Big deal!
Last week, after vowing never again to restart my collection, I did. I purchased over $100 of miniatures and started the process over again. I did this for three reasons. 1) If I didn't continue following my passion, the thief would have won. And I refuse to let him win. 2) If Stephen Dukes can rebound from an Axis and Allies minis robbery, so can I. and 3) I now have a job and can afford the investment.
So there ya go!

I have been working for Hobbytown USA in Tracy since July 31st. It only pays $8/hr and it's for four days a week, but it's something. At least until my training in LA begins. During that time I picked up Risk: Godstorm (a board game) because my brother took a liking to it. Then when I brought it with me to my parents' place last week, he refused to play it. I think I've had enough. The next game I'm gonna buy will be Goa. I played that game Thursday night with Ken Campbell and I thought it rocked.

Speaking of boardgames, John Peterson, John Hunter, Rob Coulson and I played Mare Nostrum last Saturday (in lieu of an abortive Axis and Allies tourney) and we had a real good time except that we had to quit at a critical point in the game due to time constraints. John P. played Greece, John H. was Carthage, Rob was Egypt, and I was Babylonia. I was spreading like a virus across Asia Minor while Egypt and Greece were both warring with me for Fish and Perfumes. LOL.
Today, we played again, but Rob Coulson couldn't make it so Mike Culberson joined in the fun. This time Babylon was out. I ended up playing Rome while Mike played Egypt. Rome and Greece butted heads while Carthage and Egypt made out like bandits in trade. By the end of the game, Carthage had the upper hand as he owned two heroes and a wonder. Greece could have stopped him, I think, but, again, we ran out of time and had to hand the victory to Carthage. I made a lot of mistakes this time around and vowed for a rematch. John P. said he would like nothing more than to finish one game of Mare Nostrum.

We played D&D on the 22nd of July and I have not yet composed a synopsis of the events. At this rate I will most likely forget everything that happened. But so much has been happening to me in my real life that I haven't had time to put thoughts to paper (or blogsite). Hopefully, I will tonight.
Well, that's the news from the western front. I hope this training and this job works out well for me. I shall remain positive in the weeks that follow.
Until again....


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