Thursday, June 08, 2006

An Apology...

Sorry about the delay in getting any new posts out.
I have been extremely busy in finding jobs. I worked as a roving inspector, deputized by the county of San Joaquin for this past June 6th primary election, of which, I must say the turnout was extremely poor. I was in charge of six precincts in northern Tracy. No more than 140 votes in any one precinct. I worked for 18 hours that day and I just now got the gumpshun to write a blog entry.
So anyway, if you were keeping up with the site and thought I finally killed myself off, fret no longer, I was just a little busier than usual, that's all.
My next blog entry will be about the last D&D game that we played in Tracy, then I'll finally cover the KublaCon convention over Memorial Day weekend, and the Shadowrun game I hosted this past weekend. Stay tuned....


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